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-Manoji and Tara Tharaka-Gamaralalage

“Hi Lisa, How are you?

It’s been awhile since Tara and I had our last driving lessons with you!
I wanted to take this time to share some good news with you. Tara passed her driving test (class 7L to class 7) in August 2022. So it’s been almost a year of driving! I passed my test on the second try last December, so it’s been 7-8 months for me.

Thank you for all your help! We are so grateful to have met a great instructor!

All the best and stay safe:)

Manoji ”

Jim Bain-Jim Bain

“It was great to have Lisa as an Instructor. I am a senior driver and wanted to brush up my driving skills before I took the road test. It was great, Lisa fit me in on short notice and after a few lessons I was able to get a pass on my road test. My Driving Examiner noticed my licence was due to expire in March so for 17 dollars I left with a new 5 year licence. Thanks Lisa, I couldn’t have done it without your great tips. ”

Dan-bi Lee-Dan-bi Lee

“You know what? You totally changed my life with your amazing driving teaching skills. My life has been enhanced and I feel more confident that I can do one more thing “driving” that can give my little one more opportunity to see the world. My goal was to just be able to travel from A to B but now it’s more like A to Z! I love to drive when I feel like for a fresh air and it just gives me a wonderful break time. I don’t need to rely on my husband or public transportation. I can proudly offer others a ride and still remember every little tips that you have provided during each class. ”

Brian Chak-Brian Chak

“I had Lisa as my driving instructor. She was very helpful from the beginning to the end and always adjusted to what I needed during my learning experience. I liked her “point of no return” method because it helped me get into the habit of calling them out, so I would know exactly when I can stop safely before the yellow or I would have to pass through the yellow. This reduced a lot of hesitation for my driving. All in all I think she was a great instructor, thank you Lisa!”

Kumiko Yokogami-Kumiko Yokogami

“Instructor Lisa is wonderful, always very patient and has the best teaching style. I had no driving experience previous at all. After 12 lessons, I passed my Road Test (N) with first try. Thank you so much!!”

Usha Narayan-Usha Narayan

“I found Lisa (driving instructor) easy to approach and knowledgeable. She was patient and attentive; thus correcting the mistakes in a positive manner. I really appreciated her idea of self-talking and evaluating after each lesson. Also I feel her lessons were affordable and she was always prepared for the lessons.”

The Runge Family-The Runge Family

“I highly recommend Lisa as an accommodating and patient driving instructor! She took the time to give clear instructions and was willing to go out of her way to ensure a passing mark for the driving test. Her friendly smile would put anyone at ease! Thank you Lisa for being so flexible with your practice times and for your support in passing the “N” test.”

Miriam Rosenburg-Miriam Rosenburg

“After many many years of putting it off, I finally decided to learn how to drive at the age of 40. I was extremely anxious, genuinely dreaded my first lesson and had a feeling that I would probably give up after the first few… But Lisa proved to be absolutely AMAZING and my attitude to driving has completely changed! She is a great instructor: patient, understanding, encouraging and passionate about her job. I genuinely enjoyed my lessons and passed my road test the first time round! Something I had never expected when I started. I would (and will) recommend her to anyone who needs driving lessons”

-Katie Worrall-Katie Worrall

“I thought these lessons were very useful. Lisa taught me exactly what I needed to know and exactly the way I was tested on my road test. Thanks Lisa, couldn’t have done it without you!”

-Peter Ghanem-Peter Ghanem

“Lisa is a fantastic driving instructor. She was recommended to me by a close friend who had previously taken lessons, and now I see why he spoke so highly of her! Lisa helped me drive more confident, and helped me eliminate any bad driving habits I had acquired over the last two years. She is very knowledgeable, and gives you the skills necessary to pass the exam. Her methods work great, and I’ve been very pleased with the whole experience. Thank you!”

-Kendale Williams-Kendale Williams

“I tried 4 times to take my N Test and kept failing. With Streetwize I only had to take 2 classes and passed my N Test finally on my 5th try!!!! Lisa’s great and I had an amazing experience!! Thank you so much :)”

-Francisco Canas-Francisco Canas

“I successfully obtained my Class 7 driver’s license after taking only a few classes with Lisa. She is a highly effective driving instructor, who is patient, professional, and very committed to her students. I think Lisa’s dedication is what separates her from many driving instructors, as she is willing to go the extra mile to ensure her students are confident and well-prepared drivers. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to successfully obtain their license. ”

-Shahbaz Munshey-Shahbaz Munshey

“Lisa is one of our top instructors at Johnston’s Driving School. Her commitment to top quality instruction has built a great reputation with students and their parents in the Vancouver community. We are fortunate to have her in our team.”

-Jessica Peake-Jessica Peake

“Thank you to Streetwize Driving School for giving me great instructions on driving!! With your help I passed my road test!!!! I recommend this driving school to everyone I know.”

-Vangie Barrun-Vangie Barrun

“I failed the road test twice before I found Lisa. Lisa taught me safe driving skills and helped me to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to pass my Road test which I now did! She focuses on defensive driving techniques and has much concern for safety. I will definitely refer her to others.”

-Penelope-Penelope A. Young

“Alexander was amazing and I had a great morning – the lesson was thorough and we went over not just how to technically drive more safely but how to mentally be prepared for road tests. He was funny and charming and very supportive and it was overall a very enjoyable morning even with the (significantly reduced!) stress of the road test. Thank you again for accommodating my last minute booking. Cheers,”


“Thank you for taking the time to teach me how to drive, you are very kind and patient.”

-Sandy Pendlebury-Sandy Pendlebury

“My driving Instructor was Lisa. What can I say about Lisa. Our 1st lesson together went so well – Lisa is such a good people person – I was very nervous and Lisa made me feel comfortable right from the beginning – she was clear – well spoken – asked me questions – answered all of my questions, arrived on time and we proceeded. I had a total of 7 lessons and a road test with Lisa and without her excellent instructions, pointing out all of the do’s and do not’s, I would have been at a complete loss. I now have my Driver’s License and feel very proud that Lisa was so motivating for me and with her exceptional guidance I passed the ICBC road test. THANK YOU LISA, you are the BEST.”


“Hey Lisa, this is Leila from driving lessons. Just wanted to let you know that I passed my driving test. Thank you for being an awesome teach”

-Emma Davey-Emma Davey

“Thanks for being my Driving Instructor, I learned lots!”

-Jessica Bradley-Jessica Bradley

“Thank you for all of your guidance and patience throughout our driving lessons and helping me pass the road test.”