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Guide to Defensive Driving Habits


If you need to refresh your driving skills, there are plenty of driving schools out there that cater to individual student’s requirements. Streetwize Driving School offers you female driving instructors in Surrey BC.
Being a defensive driver means that you don’t put yourself and others at risk and that you are aware of your surroundings. To become a defensive driver, you need to be a responsible driver and avoid risks.Here are a few things that you should keep in mind!

1.Avoid Distractions

Do not use your phone while driving. This cannot be stressed enough! Majority of road crashes happen because the driver was easily distracted. One of the key aspects of driving is to stay alert and focused at all times. Phones and other distractions will divert your attention and so you will fail to be alert.

2.Do not over speed

When your drive a vehicle at higher speed, it becomes difficult to control it. It is a road safety hazard that should be avoided at all costs! Remember that although speed thrills, it also kills!

3.Do not drive if you are not well rested

If you feel tired, you should avoid driving, especially at night. When you are tired, you lose focus. It also leads to safety hazards. You can only be aware of your surroundings if you are alert and have enough amount of rest.

4.Keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you

Driving too close to a car will increase chances of collision. Keep 2 to 3 cars distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. In case the car ahead of you brakes abruptly, you will have enough reaction time to stop your vehicle without crashing into the vehicle in front of you.

5.Avoid driving in extreme weather conditions

If you can, you should avoid driving during rain and snow. In such weather, the visibility is poor. Not only this, but roads have a higher chance of being slippery. This can cause your vehicle to skid if your tires are old.
These are some tips that will help you in becoming a safe and defensive driver. Remember all accidents can be avoided if you take precautions.
Drive safe!
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