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Below are some of the most popular questions we get asked in regards to lessons with our school.  Please read this over and if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to give us a call.

How do your Lessons work?

Each lesson consists of your Instructor working hard to ensure that you are building your skills towards passing the exam as well as driving safely and defensively. On your 1st lesson, your Instructor will go over the progress report that will be marked after each session as well as getting you orientated to the car and doing a Pre-trip check.   The progress report that we provide, contains all of the skills and maneuvers you will be marked on on your road test.

After each lesson your Instructor will arrive back from the lesson a couple of minutes early to mark and go over the progress report, providing you with the feedback you need to progress through your lessons.  It is our goal to ensure you are at the level required to pass the road test by the time you finish all of the required lessons so each lesson we ensure to cover each of the skills and maneuvers accordingly.

Your lessons are tailored to each individual’s level of driving.  If you are a brand new driver, we will start with the very basics to ensure you have a good solid foundation in which to build from. This consists of braking, steering and reversing exercises, blind spot checks and then going around corners to ensure turns are being done properly before advancing to the busier streets.

What is your protocol surrounding Covid-19?

We follow all government mandated safety protocols in place at the current time.  We use hand sanitizer for each student and instructor for each lesson as well keep the driving school car clean and sanitized.  If either the student or Instructor is not feeling well we will discontinue the lessons until such time that the person is back to health and no more symptoms.

Can I bring another person with me during my lessons?

Typically lessons are one on one so we do not allow another person in the car.  If you have a special need or request that requires you to have another person in the car, please ask us and depending on the reason, we may make a concession for this.

Do you do pick up and drop off?

Yes, included in our service and rates is pick up and drop off to your desired location as long as it is within the services areas

What locations do you service?

All areas of Surrey as well as Delta, New Westminster, Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Pt. Coquitlam, Langley and White Rock/South Surrey

How should I book my lessons?

When deciding to book your lessons, it is a good idea to plan in advance. We find that most people have a good sense themselves of how many lessons they need or want, however, we also provide consultation on helping you decide this.

If you prefer, you may book 1 lesson and our Instructor will advise you what he/she feels you will need.  Keep in mind that this is just an estimate however.  It is possible you may need more depending on your own learning abilities.

Your Instructor will let you know as the lessons are progressing whether you will be road test ready by the end of your lessons or whether you will need more lessons or practice.

How often should I take my lessons and how should I space them out?

We usually like to suggest twice a week for best results however this is based upon availability of yours and the school’s schedule.  It is always best to call us to book your lessons in as we will need to coordinate our schedules. When you call us, we will discuss all of this and along with when your road test is booked, come up with the best solution based upon what we discuss pertaining to your driving goals.

What if I need to book your car for my road test?

Yes, you may book our driving school car for your road test.  The road test package includes pick up 1 hr prior to your road test, warm up lesson, use of the car for the road test, drop off and post road test consultation.  The total time is approximately 2.5 hrs.  We also have a 2 hour prior to Road test option if you live further out or just want more time prior to your road test.  If you wish to book the road test package, please try to give us advance notice so that we can accommodate you.  1 month or more is recommended however, you can always ask us if we have the availability and we will let you know.

Is it necessary to practice as well as taking driving lessons?

Yes, everyone will need to practice in between their lessons in order to pass the road test.

ICBC recommends 60 hours total driving time in order to be at the proper level you need to pass.  You have 1 year from the time you acquire your Learners license to the time you can take your test, so the idea is to try to build up as much driving time in addition to the lessons prior to taking your test.

You should strive to be a fully competent driver by the time you take your road test, and lessons as well as practice is the only way to effectively achieve this goal.  For those individuals who do not have anyone to practice with, talk to us about our “practice sessions”.  (Certain conditions apply, ask us and we will explain to you how that works).

Do you offer any guarantees or refunds?

Streetwize is now offering a Road Test Guarantee.  If you purchase our Road test package and as long as your Instructor feels you are “Road Test ready”, if for any reason you do not pass your road test, you will be able to book the car again for your road test at no extra charge.  (This is based on an evaluation of road test readiness by your Instructor at the end of your lessons – ask us if you require more information).

We do have a refund policy in that if you become unsatisfied for any reason throughout your lessons, as long as you speak with us about your concerns and we are not able to come to an amicable resolution, we will refund any unused lessons.  All of this is stated in our school policies which is sent with your invoice when you purchase lessons with us.

How much do your lessons cost?

Please refer to the pricing page on our website for the cost of individual lessons as well as the various packages we offer. We also customize packages to your personal needs. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss that with you.

When do I pay?

Individual lessons are due after each lesson. If you purchase a package of lessons we will email you an invoice outlining what you get in that package as well as a copy of the School policies. Packages are discounted from the individual lesson price and therefore are due in full on or before the first lesson.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque, E-Transfer or credit card

What are your hours of business?

We are in operation 6 days a week.  We are flexible with our availability so can potentially book you in any day of the week according to your driving goals and needs.  Hours of operation are from 8am until 8pm however lesson times vary depending on the availability.

Is there an incentive if we refer your business to someone else?

Yes there is.  If you refer someone to us and they purchase a package of lessons, we give you a $10 Starbucks card as our way of saying thank you.

Road test information

ICBC charges $35 for a Class 7 and $50 for Class 5 road to take the road test. If you pass, you will have to pay another $75 for the license fee. On the day of the Road test, you are required to arrive about 15 min. prior to the test time. In addition, if you have to cancel your road test, ICBC requires you to cancel within 48 hours and if you do not, you will be charged $25 by ICBC.

On the day of your road test, you will need to bring 2 pieces of ID – primary and secondary according to ICBC requirements. If you show up on road test day and do not have your proper ID’s or sufficient payment, you will not be able to take your test and will have to reschedule. For more information on this and/or to book your road test, follow this link below:

Book a road test

Give us a call today to enquire more and/or to book your 1st lesson. We look forward to teaching you great driving skills soon!