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How to Choose the Right Driving School?











There are many driving schools out there including driving schools that are affordable. But which one is the right for you?  Here is a list of things that you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing a driving school.

Student Testimonials

One factor in determining a school best for you would be the prevous students experiences with that school.  See if that school has a reviews or testimonials posted.  Reading these comments, will help you to gain a good  understanding of the quality of the Instruction they received from that school.

Road Test and Safety Lessons

Apart from providing Road Test lessons to students, many Diving Schools also provide lessons on road safety. A Driving School is there not just to help you pass the Road Test but it should also enable you to become a responsible driver. Therefore, safety lessons are integrated within the curriculum of the driving lesson.

Driving Packages

There are many driving schools out there that are affordable. And they also offer different packages according to the student’s skill level. The way to make sure that a driving school is the right one for you is by checking whether that school offers lessons for your skill level.

ICBC Certification

When it comes to the instructors, it is important that they are qualified. A certified ICBC driving instructor has the required skill set to train students on how to drive the proper way to pass the road test. Therefore, in selecting the right driving school, be sure to see if the Instructors are properly trained and certified.

What services do they offer?

Find out what services a particular Driving School offers.  Enquire whether they offer pick-up as well as drop-off from your location included in the lesson prices.  If having troubles choosing a package of lessons best suited to your needs, ask the driving school representative if they can help you choose the best one for you.   At Streetwize, our prices include pick up and drop off from your location as long as you are within our service range.  We also will help you choose the most best lesson package for your individual driving needs and goals.

Streetwize Driving School

Streetwize Driving School offers a wide range of lessons for people from all driving skills. You can see the details of the packages that we offer and their pricing on our website.  You can also check out our testimonials left by our students on our testimonial page.

Streetwize Driving School is one of the most affordable driving school in Surrey BC. So get your Road Test lesson booked with us.  We have a road test guarantee wherein if you don’t pass the road test on your first try, you can rent the driving school car the 2nd time at no extra charge.  (2nd Road test based upon availability and conditions apply, enquire within).


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